Mission & Vision

The aim of Maple Energy is to provide full range of services to the Shipping and Process Industries promising the best possible quality in accordance with international standards. Maple Energy is committed to expand its existing infrastructure in line with modern techniques of engineering and environmental requirements. Our commitment to the development of our employees along with our growth in the industry in unwavering.

At Maple Energy, we strive to consistently exceed client expectations. Our goal is to provide the highest quality equipment and services to our clients, most of whom operate in the most remote and harsh environments on earth.

We always give our best to assist our clients to achieve their objectives in the most cost-effective manner possible without compromise to quality and the environment. Continuous improvement is the aim of Maple Energy whereby the company always is abreast of developments.

Our Values

Maple Energy exists to provide reliable and innovative solutions to help its customers succeed. We can only succeed in our mission by leading the projects we undertake within performance, time and cost.

Our Commitment

we're not happy until we make the customer happy. And when the job needs to be done quickly, we keep in mind that our company name is on the line for each and every project we undertake. That's the difference between doing the job…and doing the job right, on time, every time.

Our Patrons

Since inception, we always strive to meet and excel our customers' demands and specifications. Because of our commitment to novelty, we are able to manufacture and deliver high quality products and exceptional services to our strong client base in the market.